Yorkshire Fog

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Yorkshire Fog

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Holcus lanathus For grief, helping us to express it without becoming entangled in it. Yorkshire Fog enables us to open up to the pain of grief and to shed tears that help to wash away our anger, frustration and sadness. Accepting our hurt and anguish is a very necessary part of the healing process after bereavement or similar traumatic experiences. People bottle up their emotions because expressing their grief openly is not socially acceptable. But suppressing grief, trying to pretend that we are not seriously hurt, does not cure the problem. Burying our deep hurt merely means that it festers, sometimes for many years. Yorkshire Fog helps us to open up to our grief, to express it openly, to weep cleansing tears. Grief is a natural reaction to what has happened to us. There is nothing weak or effeminate about expressing our grief openly, so long as we do not wallow in it. Yorkshire Fog also helps us to move on from grieving to a new and changed future without feeling the need to drag the past along with us.

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Yorkshire Fog

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