Kolorcoat™ NEON Zodiac Speed Bottle Opener – TAURUS

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Kolorcoat™ NEON Zodiac Speed Bottle Opener – TAURUS


What’s your sign and what does it say about you? We have created a line of NEON Zodiac Sign Speed Bottle Openers you are sure to love. Each of the 12 designs are available on 3 different colored neon openers… Green, Yellow and Pink. They feature all symbols relevant to your astrological birth sign, as well as your characteristics. These bottle openers glow vibrantly under black lighting for the added “space-like” effect. TAURUS Zodiac Sign – The Sign of “Earth” April 20 – May 20 Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac chart. It is symbolized by the bull, which reflects power and strength. But don’t let the raging bull confuse you, a Taurean can be very gentle and tender in their nature. Just like a bull is docile until it is tempted, Taureans are also easy going till they are challenged. Taureans are noted for their determination. It is not easy to distract Taureans from their goals. They usually stay focused on their target and continue their efforts to get there. The Taureans are excellent friends. They are extremely dependable, and are also a very good judge of situations and are known to offer viable suggestions. Hence, their friends often look up to them for help at the time of need.

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Kolorcoat™ NEON Zodiac Speed Bottle Opener - TAURUS

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